#AskHuei Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode!

For the first #askhuei, I answer questions on Periscope where I’ve been spending most of my social media time.  Thank you to everyone that’s submitted questions at hueiyuanpan.com/askhuei.  More answers to come!


I’m 16, from Mississippi, and a sophomore in high school and I want to major in Music. my dream school is North Texas, and I’m already working on going their. my question is, would I have a better chance by being able to play 4 mallet, or could I get by with 2 mallet?

Could you talk about secondary education in percussion? A degree in education vs. performance? I’m about to start my senior year of HS and am lost in which direction to go. Pros and Cons of each? I’m wanting to teach at a high school and maybe someday start a DCI or WGI Percussion group closer to the midwest. What’s my best plan of action?

Find the video on my YouTube page! (link on its way)