Private Lessons


“Huei is a smart and generous percussion instructor.  In addition to preparing our son to earn spots in All Southern and All State Honor Bands two years in a row, he has also sparked the composer in our student musician.  Huei has worked with our son for two years. In this time his passion has grown along with his skill.  This year at All Southern when Hampton finished his xylophone solo the conductor shook his hand…our hearts smiled. Our son is excited, confident and eager to tackle each new challenge Huei presents from French grip to Stevens grip. We truly appreciate Huei and look forward to their continued collaboration. If you are looking for challenging and passionate instruction for your percussionist Huei is most certainly a smart choice. ” – T.D.

“Since meeting Huei, I have been nothing but impressed by his dedication, attention to detail, and most of all, his unending passion for helping other people learn about music. Of all of the educators that I have ever worked with, Huei has been one of the few who not only instructs their students, but cares about the development and growth potential of each and every individual who is willing to learn. Huei has been able to touch thousands of lives through music in a positive way, via his extensive institutional, drum corps, winter guard, and social media presence. I cannot wait to see what he will accomplish next as he continues growing as a power-house educator in the world of percussion.” – D.K.


The one-to-one mentoring between an expert and beginner is invaluable.  Lessons provide tailored, individual-specific feedback and sequencing to achieve specific goals.

Lessons facilitate various interests for learners, ranging from personal enrichment to audition and performance preparation.

The positive pressure of performing for someone each week and seeing their progress is an incredibly powerful motivating for students!

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I currently teach private lessons one day a week on Wednesdays in Diamond Bar, CA at South Pointe Middle School.  Under the committed direction of Ms. Susan Willmering, I work to nurture the incredibly dedicated culture of percussionists of SPMS, along with many of the most respected educators in the Los Angeles area that comprises the SPMS educational music team.

If unable to accommodate schedules or there is no availability, I will be happy to help connect you with another private lesson teacher.






While working as Percussion Caption Head at the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps in 2013 & 2014, I began work in developing online systems and processes for teaching and learning music. Because our members only came together once a month from across the country, we needed a way to interact and continue the feedback looop between camps.

Over two years, I created an online educational program to interface with members between winter camps. The result allowed for members to provide weekly performance opportunities, as well as a process of video review for themselves, peers, and staff members.

Furthermore, a digital community comprised of members and educational staff allows for information and ideas to be shared. The community aspect is incredibly powerful, and provides support, motivation, and a platform to showcase weekly progress and reflections.


Technology now allows for unique teacher-student exchanges, including online video lessons. The interaction of live, face-to-face lessons is still the most natural and engaging way to teach and learn, but previously limiting factors like geography can now be overcome through creative and interactive options.

Lessons are provided for a range of learners, from beginner to professional, and serve a variety of needs:

1) Introductory lesson or assessment
2) Performance evaluation or consult
3) Upcoming audition for school or extracurricular program

My goal is to offer information that is accessible and practical. These online video lessons are often a solution for parents who do not have access to a local percussion teacher for their student. Whether it’s providing feedback for an upcoming recital, or working out a particular difficult passage for an audition, I am confident I can help.

NOTE: SPRING 2017  As of now, I am not accepting any additional weekly private or online lessons. To help prepare for a specific audition, I can offer a limited number of lessons for a student, each is accepted dependent on availability and a case by case basis. Please use the contact page to ask about private lessons.