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April 14 – July 2, 2017

Sunday Sessions @ 5pm PST

Live on Periscope, Facebook, & Instagram.


Thanks for a great Season 3 everyone! 👋

WELCOME to the Free Lessons page!

In 2016, I started live streaming video lessons and discovered an incredible opportunity to serve the online music community.

Within the first 10 lessons, it became apparent these video streams were a catalyst for inspiring questions and conversations with other people also passionate about music teaching and learning.

With 200+ live streams, I’ve since learned how incredibly powerful technology can be in curating and sharing my experiences. Simply, these lessons:

  1. Provide access for students and teachers
  2. Build community without geographic limitations
  3. Provide feedback on the content I can create to provide the most value

This past Season 3 included:

As we wrap Season 3, I’d like to say thank you to everyone that has participated and let me know they’ve found the material helpful. Your comments, shares, and direct messages are sincerely appreciated.

I can’t wait to continue working on more creative projects and connecting with you soon!



Lesson #21: Singles S3E1

Lesson #22: Buzz Basics S3E2

Lesson #23: Hi Mom’s and Grandma’s S3E3

Lesson #24: Hertas 2.0 S3E4

Lesson #25: Triplet Rolls S3E5

Lesson #26: Get Started Here S3E6

Lesson #27: Fantastic Flam Fives S3E7

Lesson #28: Ninelet Primer S3E8

Lesson#29: Like Buttah S3E9

LATEST LESSON: Lesson #30: Just Relax

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Free Video Lesson Replays & PDF Downloads


02/21/16   S1E1 Sunday Session #1 | 4-2-1

02/28/16   S1E2 Sunday Session #2 | Duple Timing

03/06/16   S1E3 Sunday Session#3 | Hukadiks: Paradiddle-diddle breakdown

03/13/16   S1E4 Sunday Session #4 | Left Hand Traditional

03/20/16   S1E5 Sunday Session #5 | Double Stroke Rolls

03/27/16   S1E6 Sunday Session #6 | Master Your Flam Rudiments

04/03/16   S1E7 Sunday Session #7 | Balance, Blend & Touch, feat. Devon Koning

04/10/16   S1E8 Sunday Session #8 | Odd Subdivisions

04/17/16   S1E9 Sunday Session #9 | It’s All About the Inner Beats

04/24/16   S1E10 Sunday Session #10 | Musical X-rays


09/18/16   S2E1 Sunday Session #11 | Drag Interp 

09/25/16   S2E2 Sunday Session #12 | Stick Control Motion & Flow

10/02/16   S2E3 Sunday Session #13 | Control Your Heights

10/09/16   S2E4 Sunday Session #14 | Herta Day, Not Gone Tomorrow

10/16/16   S2E5 Sunday Session #15 | Become a Drumming Terminator 

10/23/16   S2E6 Sunday Session #16 | Complete the Musical Phrase

10/30/16   S2E7 Sunday Session #17 | Quintuplets

11/06/16   S2E8 Sunday Session #18 | Focus on Your Feet

11/13/16   S2E9 Sunday Session #19 | It’s About the Little Things 

11/20/16   S2E10 Sunday Session #20 | Paradiddle Jam


04/30/17   S3E1 Sunday Session #21 | SINGLES

05/07/17   S3E2 Sunday Session #22 | BUZZ BASICS

05/14/17   S3E3 Sunday Session #23 | HI MOM’S AND GRANDMA’S

05/21/17   S3E4 Sunday Session #24 | HERTA’S 2.0

05/28/17   S3E5 Sunday Session #25 | TRIPLET ROLLS

06/04/17   S3E6 Sunday Session #26 | GET STARTED HERE

06/11/17   S3E7 Sunday Session #27 | FANTASTIC FLAM FIVES

06/18/17   S3E8 Sunday Session #28 | NINELET PRIMER

06/25/17   S3E9 Sunday Session #29 | LIKE BUTTAH, feat. Sean Knuth

07/02/17   S3E10 Sunday Session #30 | JUST RELAX

Have you ever seen someone do something and thought, “I want to do THAT.”

The Marching Percussion Playbook has helped hundreds succeed online. It can help you too. The first step is to just start – so start today!

Marching Percussion Playbook

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Digital Downloads and Hard Copies



I really love these handouts, especially since I’ll be the center snare next year. I’m trying to take in as much information as I can so I’m ready to take on the responsibility of leading the section and sharing all my knowledge with my peers.

Andrei Dimaano – Student, Pomona, CA

HUEI, YOU’RE THE MAN. THANK YOU. If it weren’t for you and your handouts, your many videos and teachings, I would not be where I am today. I’m marching with one of the best collegiate drumlines in the nation and just received a contract for the world class independent ensemble, Equinox Percussion. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for the percussive community.

Dylan Pachorek – Student, Cullowhee, NC

By keeping up with Huei’s periscope lessons and soaking in his ideas and teaching tools, I have become a better instructor and, as a result, a better player. Because of you, I have learned a variety of different ways to approach topics in percussion which enhances my ability to understand as well as teach others.

Landon Davis – Percussion Instructor, Auburn, AL

The informational text is very straightforward and easy to understand. This benefits the “non-percussion” percussion instructor in their quest to possibly teach younger students or start a drumline of their own.

Cullen McBride – Music Educator, Tupelo, MS

I just want to thank you, Huei! I have been using the handouts and watching the video lessons and they have really helped me develop as a player. Because I watched the video lessons and used the handouts I was able to make a independent winterline for the first time. I can’t wait to keep using the handouts and streams to grow even more as a player! Thanks again, Huei!

Evan Duarte – Percussion Instructor, Lakewood, CA

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