Sunday Session #11: Diddle Interp


Part I: Diddle interp

Expectation of sound, Graph Paper

Teachers: demo for the student

Students, watch and listen, play along with a track

Partners: Play with an experienced player

  • make it pop
  • Take turns to check


  1. Flow – no accent, lots of check
  2. Off the left
  3. Practice the extremes, like a fader
  4. Triplet exercises in a Duple feel


Triplet Flow

16th Grid

Triplet Grid

Part 2: Left hand wrist rotation


Regarding 8 on a hand, are there any pointers you might suggest for those that attempt this exercise using traditional grip?


I’ve been listening to a lot of snare vids, and it seems that the left hand traditional sounds lower than the right hand. I had a question about keeping sound quality the same in both hands. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m holding the sticks of something.


I’m really looking to improve my wrist rotation in my left hand, especially in the low end of playing.


Hey! I’m auditioning for Gateway percussion and I got all good feedback on my technique, but they said I needed to turn my left wrist more. Are there any exercises or anything you know to help me achieve a better wrist turn?

Part 3: Q & A



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