Sunday Session #13: Control Your Heights


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Sunday Session #13: Control Your Heights

Transformation Takeaways

“Me Time” is what I call practice that is dedicated to something that you can learn or fix by yourself. I often make a point of explaining to my students the difference between “practice” and “rehearsal” – “practice” is when you learn your part, and “rehearsal” is when you learn everyone else’s part and how your part fits with theirs. If a student is unable to play a part, or has a deficiency in their technique, they know what I mean when I say, “You need to carve out some Me Time.”

Your stick heights are definitely something you can work on during Me Time.


Part I: Me Time

Tuning your ears
Dry Erase Marker

Isolate the strokes

Down Stroke Combinations
– 9/3, 9/6
– 12/3, 12/6, 12/9
– 6/3
Up Stroke Combinations
– 3/6, 3/9, 3/12
– 6/9, 6/12
– 9/12

Accent Tap
Use Your Shirt
Video tape yourself

Tune your ears, use your eyes
“Happy” and “Sad” heights

Part 2: Submitted Questions – tweet your questions to me @hueiyuanpan

Julia @jgldrum
I’ve been told I need to work on my stick heights. Usually I’m too low, but sometimes I’m too high. I also can’t get my sticks to the same height after playing an accented note. Can you show me some exercises that could help me out with these problems?

Dalton @_D_Hayd
Can you talk about stretching/drum related injuries?

Jarrarie @JarrarieG
Hey there, I’m a drummer who wants to become a better marching snare drummer but struggle with sight reading music. I would like to start auditioning for drum lines and I would like to sight read a lot better. Can you help in anyway, thank you so much for your time.

Kaitlen @kaitlen_fears
I am a girl on the snare line and a junior in high school. I know my book very well but when I am asked to play alone, I lose all of my confidence. So I was just wondering if there is a way I can boost my confidence or is it all mental?

Part 3: Lightning Round Q & A











Huei-Yuan Pan is a Los Angeles based musician via Chicago, originally from Houston. His drum corps experience includes performing with the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps (Snare, 2001) and The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps (Snare, 2002-2003; Front Ensemble, 2004). From 2008-2011, Huei served as Director and Arranger for Green Thunder Percussion, and in 2012-2013, Percussion Caption Head with Regiment. He is currently the Director of the Jumpstart Young Musicians Program at The Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles. For more on Huei, click here.