Periscope Snare Lesson 2: Timing is Everything

16th note Timing Exercises
Timing is the foundation in which all drummers build their playing.  It affects the groove, feel, and flow of the music. This is especially important when communicating and playing with other musicians and the audience.

In this lesson, we cover the first two duple timing exercises I teach all my beginning students.  Although basic, I am regularly surprised at the cracks in the fundamental timing of young drummers and even experienced musicians. Building and strengethening their sense of time and groove is a lifelong process for musicians.  For young players, a strong foundation is necessary to build the house!  For advanced players, these are two of my “go-to” exercises I use for my own timing maintenance.  Think of it like taking a daily vitamin!

Advanced concepts to keep in mind include:

1) Right Hand and Left Hand Flow

2) Burying the Met

3) Feet coordination

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