Periscope Lesson Session 4: Left Hand Traditional

In today’s lesson, we talk about the power and importance of being able to imitate. We’ll walk through how I set up my students with LH Traditional for the first time, as well as advanced concepts for the seasoned player, including finger control, contact without pressure, and general “maintenance” you should be doing on your left hand.


Part I
*Imitation: Observe, Compare, Critically Assess

Part 2
Rotation Mechanics
Finger Placement
Mirror Stroke

Part 3
Teacher Tip
Bead Placement
Sound Quality
Finger Control

*When looking back and forth between yourself and the teacher, what I like to call the Pong Approach (Pan, 2016), target specific characteristics of what your teacher is doing. In other words, don’t just look at your teacher’s face, and instead, look at their hands, how they’re holding the sticks, the motion of the stick, etc.  You compare and contrast, taking many, many samples as your eyes move back and forth between you and your teacher. Very simply, you copy specific aspects of your teacher with the intention to ultimately look and sound like your teacher.

I belive the ability to imitate is a skill.  Think of comedians that are able to do impersonations of famous people with only a few gestures or phrases. For some it comes easily, but as they will attest, it’s something that you get better at the more you do, “parroting.” Your ability to imitate as a musician is a skill that can improve with practice, and an incredibly powerful tool to help you develop as a mature musician.

You will imitate many people as you see more and more performances.  Think of it like developing your ability to absorb other people’s super powers. Keep the aspects of what you like, and leave the rest.


I’ve seen a few other GoPro scopes, but this may be the first instance of a multi-camera video lesson on Periscope.  The idea is to give you an up-close perspective that you might have in a lesson, as well as a view from my perspective. As my friend Alan points out, this is something I wouldn’t be able to achieve even in a masterclass setting.  Apologies for the audio issues – I’m working out some production/technology options to ultimately bring you better lessons. I promise I’ll make it better!  Thanks for your patience, and in the meantime, some headphones may help 🙂


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