Phantom Regiment Drumline 2014 Spring Training

06.15.14 Ensemble
06.15.14 Ensemble
06.14.14 Muscles
06.14.14 Muscles
06.12.14 Tenor Love
06.13.14 Tenor Time
06.13.14 Music in the Rain
06.12.14 Music in the Rain
06.11.14 Spring Training Crew 2
06.11.14 Spring Training Crew 2  Stephen Nolte, Matt Jordan, Jesse Backes, Huei-Yuan Pan, Chris Murphree, Joey Martinez, and Andrew Lynge
06.10.14 Raining and Loving it
06.10.14 Raining and Loving it
06.10.14 - Tracking
06.10.14 Tracking
06.09.14 Joe's Sith Apprentice
06.09.14 Joe’s Sith Apprentice  Battery takes an evening to work with PR Educational Camp
06.08.14 - Nailed it
06.08.14 Nailed it
06.07.14 - Night Tenors
06.07.14 Night Tenors
06.06.14 - LH's
06.06.14 First Step
06.05.14 - It's a yes or no question
06.05.14 Down to Business  Special thanks to Erik Johnson and Innovative Percussion for helping us make beautiful music!
06.04.14 - Battery
06.04.14 Good Evening Pink
06.03.14 Bailey Magic  Special thanks to Evans for all their support!
06.03.14 Tuning Skills  Special thanks to Jim Bailey and Evans Drumheads for all their support!
05.29.14 Shedding  Front Ensemble building chops, gettin’ buff
05.28.14 - Spring Training Staff
05.28.14 Spring Training Staff  (left to right) Derrick Shannon, Chris Murphree, Stephen Nolte, Huei-Yuan Pan, Sean Knuth, Jesse Backes, Ezekiel Lanser
05.27.14 - Percussion Ensemble
05.27.14 Percussion Ensemble  Lab time with Bret Kuhn and Matt Jordan
05.26.14  Working lunch
05.26.14 Working lunch  Just another day in the office
05.25.14 Cleaning Snares
05.25.14 Cleaning Snares  EZ breaks down a new part during sectionals
Team Perc - "Planning it up!"
05.24.14 Team Perc Planning  Recapping the day and make punch lists for the next
05.23.14 Signal Path Matt and Craig setting up amplification system
05.23.14 Signal Path: Matt and Craig setting up amplification system.  Many thanks for the support from Full Compass!
05.22.14 - Jesse
05.22.14 Vis Block  Jesse demonstrates the importance of form and technique
05.21.14 Bass Love  Bass Line making their way to the percussion field
05.20.14 Show and Tell  David conducts PR Hornline
05.19.14 - Staying Cool
05.19.14 Staying Cool  Battery huddles around the fan during water break
05.21.14 Set
05.21.14 Set

Check out this incredible video on Drum Corps From Above from Robert Cawthorne.


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