First passion project experiment of 2020 is a marimba solo.

I’ve been reserving time to play almost every day, which has not been the case for quite some time for me.

What I’ve learned is I’m a different player now. Much of what I played before was the literature I’d learned in my pursuit to master the instrument. After years of arranging and composing for other instruments, I find my ear and playing has changed, I think, for the better.

Most of it has been exploring and improvising what feels good and sounds pleasant to my ear.

In this process, I’ve stumbled across a few ideas that I’d like to start building out beyond the casual improvisation…



I’ve learned that people enjoy being part of the creation process, and for many different reasons.

For some, they’d like to use the material themselves, others like to gift, or just be an active spectator.

Here’s my idea for a model where musician and non-musician friends can partake in this upcoming project.

  • If you’d like to support or participate in the creation process of this first piece, you can contribute any dollar amount to act as patron for the project.
  • For $19 or more, receive a patron credit in the program notes to be included in all digital and physical publishings of the solo + digital download of solo when completed.
  • For $29 or more, receive patron credit, digital download, and physical print of solo when completed.

For artists, a new work can be funded by a commission, e.g. “I’ll pay you X dollars to create Y piece of art.”

An alternative is to form a consortium, where a group of individuals come together and pool their resources together for the same X dollars and Y piece of art.

Since we live in the age of technology, here’s to opening the doors to everyone that may be interested in supporting this project.

No set limit on patrons and dollar amount, simply bringing together a group of people interested in participating in the creation process of this project.

I’ll share regular updates along the way, and in the end, we can say we made something together.




I imagine this could be something fun and active for all friend groups: percussion and non-percussionists, musicians and non-musicians, artists and non-artists, lurkers and non-lurkers 😉

The idea is to create a little virtual community around a common project.

I plan to finish in the next 1-2 months, if this is something you’d like to follow along as it unfolds, click the link below to learn more.

Thanks for reading!