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Video Tutorials to help you at home, more videos to come!


Hook Theory

HP’s Song Suggestion Box NEW 12.13.15

What piece or song would you like to learn how to play on your instrument? Use the form below, and we’ll add it to a running list of tunes that I’ll be compiling to figure out and arrange FOR YOU! In the fields below, include your name, the title, composer/artist, and your email in case there are any questions about your suggestion.

Submit as many as you like!

Video Tutorial Spotlight: MAJOR SCALES

There are 15 major scales. Here we discuss how to use the “order of sharps” and “order of flats” to find the notes in each scale. With these videos and some time and practice, you can work towards having all 15 memorized!

Intro to Major Scales, Part 1 & 2 
Major Scales Quiz, Part 1 & 2

If you’re just starting out, start with this:


YouTube Video Tutorials Playlist


Having a visual representation of the keys on a piano is helpful for understanding the interval relationships between notes, accidentals (#’s and b’s), as well as how to move between notes like E-F and B-C.

Finding Note Names on the Piano

Octave Registers/Staff Notation


Find notes on the piano and notate them in a grand staff. Learn about octave registers, clefs, and ledger lines.

Theory Assignment 1, Part A

Theory Assignment 1, Part B


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