Summer 2014 Scholarship

Update 6/10/14

A big thanks to everyone that shared and supported my summer scholarship project. We didn’t hit the 100 goal this time, but it’s just the first go around, and I had a lot of great conversations and ideas on how to fund this project in the future – thanks again!

2014 Summer Scholarship Tee

Hi Friends,

In my desire to put some more good into the world, I’ve launched a small side project to create some music scholarships of my own to be awarded to deserving students this summer. For all the musicians and friends of musicians out there, recreational to professional, this t-shirt campaign is a fun, short run at creating scholarships to be awarded to students who attend a music camp, festival, or drum corps tour. Instead of the traditional application process occurring before the event, these applications will occur after they’ve gone, when they recall and reflect upon what they’ve learned – all in hopes of helping them connect a few more dots. Students can apply awarded scholarships towards camp costs, sheet music, materials, or even future private lessons. If we’re able to reach the 100 shirt goal, more information on the scholarship application  will follow. There’s a finite window of time for this shirt campaign, at which point it will simply close if we don’t reach the goal.  If we do, the shirts will be printed and mailed directly to you, so we’ll see what happens in the next few days. June 9th deadline! Please take a moment to read through, help share and spread the word, and hope to see you sporting some cool, new threads this summer! Huei

Ensemble Love

06.10.14 - Evening Ensemble

It’s amazing to what extent students will push themselves in the pursuit of becoming a better musician… continue reading

Battery Love

06.10.14 - Battery Rain Gang

Rain can put a damper on a lot of things, but give us an open parking lot and get ready to watch this gang get to work without a second thought… continue reading 

Pit Love

06.10.14 - Happy Pit
Look at how happy the PR Front Ensemble is… continue reading

Snare Love

06.09.14 - Snare City
If you appreciate the PR Snare line for their sense of humor, you’ll be even more impressed to know that they’re great musicians too… continue reading

Julie Davila Visit Regiment

06.10.14 - Shade Masterclass 2

They’re sitting down in the grass, but sometimes you gotta get out of the heat, especially if it means getting a discussion with an incredible music educator like Julie Davila.  One of my favorite things Julie talked about was not only an Awareness of what’s going on around you … continue reading

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Summer 2014 Scholarship 2014 Summer Scholarship TeeIn my desire to put some more good into the world, I’ve launched a small side project to create music scholarship for middle school to college aged students. Examples of potential students include: Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, Southern California Youth Percussion Camp



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