Teaching Artists

A teaching artist is an active artist who chooses to also develop the skills of teaching in order to activate a variety of learning experiences that are catalyzed by artistic engagement.

– Eric Booth, Teaching Artist Journal


I’m collecting information on a research topic I’ve been thinking about recently – examining working musicians, specifically where they perform, teach, and collaborate.  If you’re here, someone thinks of you as a great musician, teacher, or both.

I’m interested in how to connect students, parents, institutions, and private venues with high level Teaching Artists – those who are passionate about developing their craft of performing and teaching. The survey also looks at the interests and challenges Teaching Artists face when finding, selecting, and accepting work.

If you’d like to help, the link for the survey is below.  Submissions will be kept confidential, and if you’re interested, I’ll be happy to share my findings when I’m done. Thanks for your consideration.

>> Click Here to Take the Survey Now

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