Take Home Pass

A list of basic skills you should be able to demonstrate after 3 weeks of learning your instrument.  These habits are really important!

Instrument Take Home Pass v3

Part I

___ Assemble instrument properly: reed placement, neck strap length, key alignment,

trombone joint angle etc.

___ Demonstrate ready position: sitting on the edge of the seat, both feet flat on the

ground, sitting up straight with appropriate posture (shoulders relaxed)

___ Take a deep, relaxed breath: avoid additional tension in shoulders and face, no air held between inhale and exhale

___ Play a steady note on just the head joint/mouthpiece: fast, steady air, centered pitch, 8 counts at 160bpm.

Part II

___ Demonstrate playing position: same as ready position with instrument in

appropriate playing position.

___ Hum, and sing the given pitch of a Concert F on an “O” syllable.

Play concert F with a beautiful, round, warm tone for 8 beats at 160bpm.

___ Name and finger notes for scale degrees 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 (F Eb, D C Bb C D Eb F) in Concert Bb as half notes with a metronome at 160bpm.

___ Play the same series at the same tempo with a metronome, demonstrating steady air and a beautiful, round, warm tone.

___ Display proper maintenance and cleaning of instrument (swab, valve oil,

emptying valves, etc).  Carefully return instrument to its case without sound.


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