Periscope Challenge #Huei5for5

Periscope Gridbook
Photo: The Gridbook Series

ATTENTION ALL PERCUSSIONISTS!  In celebration of the 5th Periscope Lesson Session, I’m issuing a #Huei5for5 Periscope Challenge. Between now and next Sunday, the challenge is to Periscope broadcast yourself practicing for 5mins for 5 days in a row.  Dedicate each day to one of the lesson topics, referring to the handouts and video lessons found at Participants will not be penalized for practicing more than 5 minutes 🙂

Lesson Page Links

Lesson 1 4-2-1

Lesson 2 Timing is Everything

Lesson 3 Hukadiks: Paradiddle-diddle Breakdown

Lesson 4 Left Hand Traditional

Lesson 5 Double Stroke Rolls


If we’re not folowing each other on Periscope before you start, be sure to let me know so I receive your alerts.  You can also tweet me with #Huei5for5 @hueiyuanpan so I can catch your scopes (or at least the replays).

The winner will receive a free 30min Skype lesson and be featured on a #HueiScope.  Share and encourage your friends to participate and keep helping us build the percussion community – good luck!


I’ve seen a few other GoPro broadcasts, but I think last week’s lesson may be the first instance of a Multi-camera Video Lesson on Periscope. Until I hear otherwise, I’m claiming the First GoPro drum lesson on Periscope 🙂

The idea is to give you an up-close perspective that you might have in a lesson, as well as a view from my perspective. As my friend Alan points out, this is something I wouldn’t be able to achieve even in a masterclass setting, considering students sitting in the last row.

Watch the next live lesson on March 20, 2016 at 7pm cst or catch the video replays  For future lessons on Periscope, follow @hueiyuanpan or view on your browser at  

Thanks for sharing!


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