Using Video to Learn

Audio Version – listen on the go!   For the past couple months, I’ve been experimenting with a content format in collaboration with my good friends, Karldrumtech, and Eric Carraway. Our weekly creative and business Mastermind Group has been a great source of inspiration and accountability for each other. We decided to begin recording our … More Using Video to Learn


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Yuan Mindset

My last name is 潘 “Pan,” but the 元 “Yuan” is the Chinese character unique to my name.     Growing up, my Mom would explain how 元 meant “number one” or “first place.” In the days of Chinese emperors, there would be an annual Imperial Examination. Local province tests would culminate with a national … More Yuan Mindset

Are Private Lessons Worth the $$$? – #ASKHUEI Ep. 003

With running the podcast show for a few months now, I’ve become more and more fascinated with the value of audio content. The conversations have been so enlightening and joyful. I’ve also found it so interesting how my perception of the conversation will shift at different points of the creation process, from recording, editing, to … More Are Private Lessons Worth the $$$? – #ASKHUEI Ep. 003