Get it together

Welcome back to Day 2, Tip #2 of 2017 WGI Finals week, where I’ll be sharing one tip each day on how you can give your best performance. The following is an excerpt from a previously published post on Medium.


2. Get it together

This one is very straightforward, but often overlooked, and can be the beginning of the end.

Be prudent and you’ll set yourself up for success. There’s nothing worse than having to scramble right before walking off the bus. You’ve seen those people — frantically asking around for electrical tape for their sticks or flags, trying to figure out why they’re missing a shoe or plume, pulling their pants lower to hide their forgotten black socks. What are you doing?

Instead, prepare everything beforehand. Taking 60 seconds to make a checklist can save you hours of panic. The peace of mind that you’ve taken care of everything in advance is priceless.

On tour, I would often move with a sense of urgency to be the first packed, showered, and through the food line, just so I would have 30 minutes before pulling out of a housing site to chill and calmly treat my sticks to the perfect tape job — my meditation. I’d always pack two pairs of black socks, so in the event of “missing socks,” I could provide the solution to the problem, not be the one causing the problem. Before the bus doors closed, I was already in show mode.

Do whatever you need to do to be physically, mentally and emotionally primed, ready to execute your best performance. Avoid getting loaded on candy, coffee or soda just ‘cause you’re on a bus ride? No need.

“The peace of mind that you’ve taken care of everything in advance is priceless.”


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Read full article, Perform Like a Champion [8min read]

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