Visualize the ideal scenario

Best of luck to all the performers and teachers today! Day 4, Tip #4 PRELIMS of 2017 WGI Finals week! Each day this week, I’ll be sharing a tip on how you can give your best performance. The following is an excerpt from a previously published post on Medium.

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4. Visualize the ideal scenario

I’m a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s work, and on Master Chef, he often asks the presenters what he should expect to see — for example, before cutting into a steak or poached egg. In other words, he is asking the contestants to visualize the ideal scenario beforehand, which is then used as a barometer against the dish in reality.

Our ability to imagine is an extraordinary gift. Instead of stepping off the bus and then reacting in the moment, picture exactly what will happen each step of the way beforehand. You control the situation, don’t let the situation control you.

Are you already dressed? Where do you go and what do you do first? How do you feel as this is all happening? The more vivid a picture you’re able to paint in your mind, the more likely you’ll be able to bring this perfect scenario to fruition.

You can start focusing and getting in the zone even before you get off the bus. Remain flexible as unexpected situations may arise, but your job is to execute on the ideal vision you’ve created in your mind.

You control the situation, don’t let the situation control you.


What do you visualize as being a part of your ideal performance scenario? Share your checkpoints below with a comment.

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