To My Analog World Friends

Some of my analog world friends have been peering into my professional online music side of things, and through their encouragement, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I’ve been working on…

I never imagined I’d be at this point, but over the last year and a half, I’ve been combining my love for teaching, music, and technology and running a number of experiments that have turned into a small side business.



Free live streaming lessons turned into creating pdf handouts. Those handouts became small exercise guides, and additional text explanations became the seeds of my first digital book.

The digital was launched, and soon requests for the book in hard copy form took me on a Summer roller coaster – everything from how to source printers, shipping supplies and physical product fulfillment. It was a non-stop study in “just in time learning.” An incredible experience, and I now know it’s only the beginning of much more of this kind of content creation.



The regular dialog I maintain with students and teachers on social media has led me to my next project which will eventually be a full video course.


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.40.53 PM
First Online Course


Its an online course that helps coach students interested in auditioning for winter and summer percussion groups in DCI and WGI. I’ve learned through online conversations that there are a lot of questions surrounding the whole process. For people completely new to the activity, it can be at times confusing and stressful for students.

Furthermore, I’ve learned over the years there or so many levels of development that are taking place within these types of organization; the experience for a complete beginner, returning vet, to a three year veteran has a very different level of understanding and action that can be elevated.

I think about the “Welcome talk” I give to a group at November camp at the beginning of Friday night, compared to the “Culture talk” to all the vets at the end of Friday night. Considering my own experience as a “new guy” transforming over four years into becoming a vet, and eventual instructional staff member, each had its own life lesson “lens”. There’s always more insight and “food for thought” to empower members to becoming the present and future teachers of the activity. This online course will be my first try at sharing some of these ideas, processes and content.

My first iteration will actually be a hands on pilot of course content, testing and tailoring it to the questions and challenges that pop up from the members in the Founder’s group. Rather than a single touch point of a lesson or even masterclass, the course will run for 12 weeks, tracking and coaching the members over time.

I’ll be documenting its progress and developments, continuing to figure out how I can serve the community.



Thanks for reading, really appreciate the messages, and  hope everyone has a great weekend with their friends and family.

Much love, and hope to see or talk to you very soon.



NEW Founder’s Course for WGI and DCI Auditions

GTP Finals Day

WGI and DCI Auditions Founder’s Group

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Enrollment for Founder’s Group closes OCTOBER 9, 2017



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