What gear are you using?

Snapped this in a coffee shop as I was replying to this question, literally almost always with me.

I get this question often enough that I figured I’d share the quick overview answer:

“Hey there, I am a Percussion Director in NC. My question is about what types of cameras/audio devices you’re using when creating the most clean videos.

Are you using a go-pro and then formatting the audio with another program? I have done that in the past, but it is so time consuming. Or, are you using your phone? If so, how is your audio so clear!?”

– Drew


Whats up, Drew!

The short answer is I’m using whatever I have on hand, and it’s a combination of my iPhone, GoPro and portable digital recorder.

I choose Speed over Time, which is why I rarely will record audio separately. If I use an external mic, it goes straight into the video device. If I really want clean audio, I’ll record from my desk, and run the audio straight from my podcast setup.

That being said…


My advice is to not worry too much about the gear. Whatever you already have is good enough. Spend more energy creating the content.


I also use the GoPro because it’s rugged, easily attaches to my bag, and can clamp to anywhere and anything.

You can’t go wrong with your phone cause if you’re like me and most other people, it’s pretty much always there. The quality we can get with our phones is incredible! Shooting is just the first step. Editing is the other half of the creative process.

Some simple things you can do to get the best out of what you already have:

  • Minimize background noise: find a quiet space, talk louder than you think. Be aware of mic placement.
  • Natural and home lighting: most important thing to get the best image quality is to have a well lit image

Just start filming. Don’t wait the for the perfect setup to start creating, just use what you have, and build from there.

If you’re still having trouble getting over the mental roadblock with the gear (as I often do), just tell yourself to shoot with what you have now, and once it’s published, the production gap that leaves you wanting more is what will inform you what gear you should get next.

Hope that helps – let’s connect on YouTube!


CALL TO ACTION Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below with your preferred gear setup! What challenges are you facing with filming yourself?

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Huei-Yuan Pan is a Los Angeles based professional musician and content creator.

He is currently the Director of the Jumpstart Young Musicians Program at The Colburn School, a performing arts institution in the heart of downtown LA. He spends his time as a digital content creator providing live streaming video lessons, vlogs, and more.

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