Using Video to Learn

Audio Version – listen on the go!


For the past couple months, I’ve been experimenting with a content format in collaboration with my good friends, Karldrumtech, and Eric Carraway.

Our weekly creative and business Mastermind Group has been a great source of inspiration and accountability for each other.

We decided to begin recording our meetings for reference, and between our video editing work and love for podcasts, we quickly realized we were just a stone’s throw away from sharing some of these ideas with our respective audiences at scale.

We began taking turns leading a discussion on a particular topic that we’ve been working on or thinking about, and started calling them our Special Topics Sessions.

In this week’s SPECIAL TOPICS SESSION, we discuss how using video can be one of the most effective tools to help through various stages of the learning process.

Watching video passively is the most common, yet superficial, means of learning.

In this discussion, we share actionable strategies that can used by teachers, students, and artists alike in our pursuit for growth and learning.


If you you’d like to contact us about show sponsorships or personally contribute to a potentially regular series, please send me a note through the contact form!

Please comment, share, and like if you enjoy the content – let us know you’re watching (or listening on the go), and share how you use video with your own community of teaching and learning!


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