DCI & WGI Blogposts Recap


Yup, it’s definitely that time of the year. The floodgates have opened and questions regarding auditions for WGI and DCI are inundating the inbox.

If this is you, I’ve put together a Table of Contents on a series of posts I’ve written covering various stages of the audition process – from choosing a group, planning to audition, to the actual audition itself. Take a glance, and feel free to share with your friends, family, or students that are currently going through this process.

NEW DCI & WGI: Perform Like a Champion


DCI & WGI: How to Choose a Summer Drum Corps and Winter Group


DCI & WGI Auditions: Have You Done Your Homework?


DCI & WGI: Video Audition Tips – Read Before You Upload

Coming soon…

DCI & WGI: 5 Tips for Making the Cut – Mindsets to get you through audition camp weekend and back for the next


DCI & WGI: The Worst Snare Drummer I’ve Ever Seen


If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me a topic or specific question you’d like me to cover. I have cue of blogposts in pre-production, but I often weave additional content into the narrative to answer related questions.

I’ve also got an upcoming project in partnership with Joe Roach, the Corps Director of the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps and Director of Cavaliers Indoor Percussion, where we’ll be putting together a video Q & A of submitted questions. How often do you direct access to the director of a top 12 DCI and WGI group? Submit your questions with a comment below.

If you enjoy reading any of the posts, please take a moment to share using the social media links at the bottom of the page. It helps more people see the content, and would mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading!


HP 2015


Huei-Yuan Pan is a Los Angeles based musician via Chicago, originally from Houston. His drum corps experience includes performing with the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps (Snare, 2001) and The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps (Snare, 2002-2003; Front Ensemble, 2004). From 2008-2011, Huei served as Director and Arranger for Green Thunder Percussion, and in 2012-2013, Percussion Caption Head with Regiment. He is currently the Director of the Jumpstart Young Musicians Program at The Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles. For more on Huei, click here.

NEW RELEASE 11.13.16



1st installment of a 5-part series

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 2.01.33 PM.png

Watch the Video here


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