Lightning Q&A: #SundaysWithHuei

Thanks to everyone that tuned in for Season 3 Episode 2 last Sunday! Getting rained out was a bit of a challenge, but it made for an authentic drum lesson/rehearsal👍 😊 . Appreciate everyone’s patience while we fired back up!

To catch the replay and check out the free lesson PDF, visit: 

Sunday Session Lesson #22: Buzz Basics

Lesson #22 Free lesson PDF

Jarrett Varnadoe · 3:32 Huei, you’re the GOAT

Thanks so much, Jarrett! I wish I had been hip enough to bypass looking up “what does GOAT mean,” but thanks to you, now I am, and thanks again for the kind words!

Cody Ellinger · 4:57 How do you get buzz rolls comfortable at faster tempos?

1. Start slow, make sure you’re using correct repetitions and mechanics

2. Scaffold up by gradually increasing the tempo with a metronome, make mechanics and relaxation continue

3. Build strength and endurance with drills like “30 sec roll” or “60 sec roll” and see if you can breathe and stay relaxed while doing so

If you’re looking for more info, explanation, and exercises, check this out:

Justyn Frank · 14:03 Hey Mr. Pan! Love watching all these videos, and your passion for teaching is off the charts! Keep it up!

Thanks for popping in, Justyn, hope you’re doing great!

Gilbert Garcia · 14:14 Hey Brian do you know this young man? He is good… his delivery is great…

Welcome to Sunday Sessions, and thanks so much for the kind words, Gilbert! 🙏 #SundayWithHuei

Rick Yanez · 40:58 How do you feel about isolating the individual hands to work rudiments?

Great strategy, absolutely! Every complicated rudiment can be broken down into its fundamental mechanics. Check each hand independently so you can hear what’s right and what needs work!

Brandon Rodriguez · 45:48 This is my first one, but I really liked it. It actually helped me out with some information. Thanks so much!

Thanks for joining Brandon, and glad to hear it helped! Hope to see you again next Sunday at 5PM PST 👍 Streaming live on Periscope, Facebook, & Instagram. @hueiyuanpan

Brandon Rodriguez · 9:17 When I’m helping out percussionists at younger levels, how can I teach them to get a good buzz in a way they can understand?

1. Often their back 3 fingers are wrapped around the stick, so have them actually stick them out so you can see them.

2. Model for them what they should try to make themselves look and sound like and prompt them to compare 7 contrast what they’re doing differently.

3. Keep drawing their ears and eyes to the things that they should be noticing, what’s working and what’s not.

Nolan Wiram · 0:28 Yo , word. #215

Yo, word. 👊 #215

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