Have you done this yet?


​I have a question for you…

Have you blocked out your practice times for the semester?

Right now, I’m in the process of having all my students map out their weekly schedules for the semester: school, rehearsals, and most importantly, practice blocks.

This allows me to bypass the weekly question of “Did you practice this week?” and more importantly ask, “What did you accomplish this week?”


​Things are under control right now. You can think clearly. But we all know that as the semester progresses, projects get assigned, papers are due, and real life happens…

When people say they “don’t have time for something,” what they’re really saying is “this isn’t a priority.”

If you’re serious about making gains in your playing and achieving certain audition and performance goals for yourself this semester, start by scheduling exactly when you’ll be practicing. This means setting time locks, specific blocks of time you hold sacred and protect for yourself, times you will not schedule other activities unless absolutely necessary.


  1. You know exactly how much practice time you’ll get in during the week.
  2. Clarity to suggest specific alternatives when your friends ask to meet.
  3. Settig your target practice goals before the week begins so you can plan appropriately.
  4. Documenting your progress and achievements, increasing your motivation.
  5. Creating a sense of urgency to get a specific task done in a limited amount of time.
  6. So many more…

Saying that you’ll practice “when you have time” is setting yourself up to push your practice aside when something urgent is presented. True professionals understand the importance of prioritizing, and the first step is to make a plan.

If you are serious about investing in yourself and carving out some “me time” this semester, start by planning out your weekly schedule. Set up a weekly calendar on your phone or paper calendar. Quick Tip: I have my students print their schedules out and make it the cover to their 3-ring music binders.

To help you get started, I’m sharing the google spreadsheet I have all my students use. The link will prompt you to make a copy of the spreadsheet template, and you can begin customizing the document to your own schedule.

Use the template or view it as a springboard to create your own practice calendar.


  1. Create your weekly practice schedule.
  2. Share a picture of you practice calendar on Facebook and tag my page @hueiyuanpan so I can give you a shout.
  3. Let me know if you found this helpful!


Hope you’re doing well, and have a great weekend!



Weekly Schedule Thumbnail



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