Albert Nguyen on Self-discovery and Making It Happen (Ep. 006)

NEW EPISODE! Dr. Albert Nguyen, Director of Bands at the University of Memphis, shares his journey of self-discovery, as a musician, teacher, and conductor.




If you’ve ever experienced doubt in yourself, you’re going to want to tune in for today’s show…

It’s the story of what can happen when despite these personal fears and doubts, you can work through that struggle, and go on to achieve things you previously dreamed of accomplishing.

We talk about:

  • The value of being yourself
  • Seizing opportunity when it’s presented
  • Figuring things out making it happen


Fundamentally, today’s story is about family, how supportive parents, and thoughtful teachers, mentors, and colleagues can impact a person’s life.

And – the story comes full circle. Now, Albert is the one shaping and influencing other people’s lives, as well as becoming a loving, supportive husband and parent himself.


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